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Hurricane Irma dwarfs the most destructive storm ever to hit Florida



  • The strength: Irma is back up to a Category 5 storm, with sustained winds at 160 mph.
  • The path: Irma made landfall in Cuba Friday evening. Southern Florida is bracing for a direct hit early Sunday. The storm will drift over the entire state.


Hurricane Irma - which stretches 400 miles wide - is barrelling towards the US with Miami feared to be in ‘worst possible position’.




Satellite images show how Hurricane Irma is much bigger than the most destructive storm ever to hit Florida.




The most powerful Atlantic Ocean storm ever recorded is barrelling towards the US, prompting fears it “could be worse” than Hurricane Andrew, which killed 26 in 1992.



Miami is feared to be in the "worst possible position" as Irma speeds towards the Bahamas, Cuba and the US mainland.




The Atlantic is primed for making major hurricanes right now due to three major ingredients.


America usually has a ridge of low pressure along it east coast, which helps steer storms away.


But this invisible ridge has pushed west this year, leaving the eastern seaboard, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico exposed to hurricanes.


The other two ingredients are warm Atlantic Ocean temperatures that extend deep underwater and high levels of moisture in the air.


Irma grew in power thanks to sea temperatures hovering around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which are ideal for fuelling intensification.


Irma is following on the heels of Harvey, because of this change in air pressure along the East Coast.


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